Who the heck is Billy the Spacekid?

During his college years, Michael Loscalzo found out that he (probably) shares a birthday with history’s most notorious outlaw, Billy the Kid. That discovery inspired him to reinterpret Billy as an adventurous and mischievous child, who finds himself marooned on a planet populated by dangerous criminals.


Michael's senior thesis was a flash animation starring Billy the Spacekid as he faced off against a few bad guys.

A muscular blue villain brags to his pals that he has killed Billy, but we soon learn that his claims were exaggerated.

Billy the Spacekid in 2005


After Michael completed college, Billy the Spacekid became a mascot for his portfolio website. Michael feels that Billy personifies his creativity and curiosity.


Billy has a new look! Michael takes a new approach to Billy's costume in an effort to make it resemble an astronaut's space suit. The brown helmet (which was really annoying to draw) was no longer included.

Billy the Spacekid in 2009
Billy and Mom character design


Michael produces a brief comic, in which we are introduced to Billy's Mom!

Preliminary sketch layout for Billy the Spacekid spreadfinal layout for Billy the Spacekid comic book spread


The Billy the Spacekid website has undergone a complete redesign! Learn more about that on Michael's blog.

Billy the Spacekid in 2009